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Aside from the core business of egg products, our Napper Foods division was set up so we could utilise our existing expertise and expand it into other areas of the food industry. We are able to source a variety of other food products including breadcrumbs, flour, vegetables, salad ingredients and dried fruit; all with the quality and value you would expect from UK Egg Centre.

Our product range is continually expanding, so if there is something specific you need, just ask - we can probably provide it.


We are currently working with a large, well established European food group to help bring their flour product expertise to the UK market.

This means we are now able to supply a range of breadcrumb products suitable for a variety of uses.

Breadcrumbs are available in several naturally coloured varieties, from a traditional white crumb, through to crumb of a vibrant orange colour.  Breadcrumb types also range from fine to coarse, and crunchy to crispy for a variety of applications within the food industry and beyond.

Loaves for Breadcrumbs

Dried Fruit


Working in conjunction with a well known international supplier, we have recently been able to add a range of dried fruit products to our portfolio.

Dried soft fruit is a convenient and tasty alternative to fresh berries where the fruit is always processed soon after harvesting, to ensure that all its flavour, vitamins and antioxidants are locked in.

Blueberries, cherries and cranberries are all available as dried soft fruit and we are able to supply in 10kg bulk packaging to suit restaurants, caterers and industrial processors.

Fresh Fruit & VegetablesSalad Ingredients

Through a well-established, certified European supplier we are now able to offer a variety of fresh fruit, greenhouse vegetables and open field produce for the UK market.  We can offer a complete assortment of varieties; including cauliflower, cucumber, peppers and many different types of tomato.  Numerous other types of produce are also offered, with everything available in a variety of sizes, weights and packaging.

All our fresh produce is checked to rigorous quality standards and is transported quickly and efficiently, to ensure it reaches our customers as fresh as possible.

Our socially responsible supplier is certified to Global Good Agricultural Practice standards, ensuring strict conditions concerning food safety, sustainability and quality are met.