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We have a very close partnership with a well-established Dutch logistics business, Boom Transport, who specialise in chilled haulage to and from Great Britain.  Boom are certified by BRC and employ an experienced team of planners and drivers to ensure that your products arrive fast, in the most efficient manner and at the correct temperature.

Boom Transport use state of the art fleets, which are equipped with the latest on-board systems, to ensure there is a perfect harmonisation between the planning at the base and the trucks and drivers on the road.  Vehicles are tracked real-time so drivers can be instructed while on the road. This enables them to provide accurate information and precise delivery times whenever required.

The temperature in every trailer is logged 24/7, so all products can be monitored to ensure they are carried and delivered under optimum conditions.

Boom are a family run business who are committed to their environmental and social responsibility, and always try to invest in the most environmentally friendly trucks and trailers available in the market. Boom are also starting a major project called CARBON-less in cooperation with a local Dutch university, which will help them to calculate the carbon footprint for each shipment.

Boom Customs also ensure that our import and export processes between the EU and the UK run smoothly and quickly. They take care of all the necessary paperwork, including customs declarations and pre-notifications, to ensure a seamless connection between our collections in the EU and the deliveries to our customers in the UK.

“We are pleased to serve UK Egg Centre for the past twenty years in their logistical needs from Continental Europe into the UK.

Taking care of their liquid, boiled and ambient egg products throughout the supply chain is our proud responsibility. We make sure the chain is always fully traceable and temperatures are monitored all the way from collection at the factories in Europe, until delivery to the UK customers. Hassle-free customs requirements are also part of our service to UK Egg Centre.”

Boy Boom, Boom Transport & Boom Customs

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