Pasteurised Liquid Egg

UK Egg Centre Ltd are able to supply a range of high quality pasteurised liquid egg products, including whole egg, albumen or yolk; as well as bespoke egg blends.

Products can be supplied from free range, barn or standard enriched cage sources; and sugared or salted products are also available to suit a variety of manufacturing requirements.  Our products are available in sizes from 10kg buckets to 1000kg Pallecons, although minimum order quantities may apply.

Most common uses for our liquid egg products are in the manufacture of cakes, Yorkshire puddings, quiches, desserts and pasta.  Additionally, liquid whole egg can be conveniently used to make both scrambled egg and omelettes, egg yolk is a useful ingredient in the manufacture of mayonnaise and sauces, and the use of liquid egg albumen simplifies the production of meringues and angel cakes.

All our liquid egg products are produced to the highest standards in modern, state of the art, BRC approved manufacturing sites.

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