Spray Dried Egg Powders

Available in up to 25kg pack sizes, our egg powders have been developed to provide functional and logistical benefits to food manufacturers’ critical applications.  With ambient storage and a shelf life of up to 36 months, our egg powders can provide a more convenient option when using egg products in many common manufacturing processes.  When considering that just one ton of egg albumen powder is the equivalent to almost ten tons of liquid albumen, it is easy to see where benefits in transport, refrigeration costs & storage space could be achieved. Powders also offer benefits when handling and in terms of overall HACCP procedures. 

Once the egg powders are reconstituted they can generally be used in much the same way as any normal liquid whole egg, egg white or egg yolk product.  For many applications it may not even be necessary to reconstitute the powder, you can often just mix in the necessary amount with other dry ingredients and then add sufficient water to obtain the required consistency. 

Our egg powders are all produced in a new, state of the art factory in the Netherlands.  This modern BRC approved site can produce free range, barn or enriched cage versions of whole egg, albumen and yolk powders.  Custom products tailored to your specific applications are also possible, for example a heat stable yolk powder for use in mayonnaise production, or a high whip albumen powder for meringues etc. Our Albumen Powders are not subjected to Lysozyme extraction and so retain more of their natural performance characteristics.

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